Detoxification – Our Health and the Environment, Make the Connection

We live in a highly chemical world and the effects of chemical substances on our bodies are continually being investigated. While technology and industry have helped us to live more comfortably, we are paying a heavy price. We are the first generation of humans to be exposed to so many synthetic chemicals.Consumer advocacy groups have expressed particular concern about the possible effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals and other toxins that assault us in our environment. All these toxins put a heavy load on our systems causing a multitude of harmful side effects that materialize as illnesses of varying degrees.Contaminants can be found in:- our food because of how it is grown, preserved and packaged;- our homes because of how they are built, furnished and cleaned;- our lawns and gardens in how they are maintained;- the personal care products and cosmetics we use;Environmental pollution is not only changing the ozone layer, plant species and animals, but humans as well.HEALTH EFFECTS OF TOXINSOnce toxins enter our bodies, each of us responds differently. This individual response depends on available enzymes, nutritional status, antioxidant and bowel flora levels, how many toxins you have been exposed to over the years and the state of your Detox system. Everyone has a different level of resilience to particular stresses, but no one is immune to the effects of a toxic overload. We just range in degree.Toxins can produce illnesses including:ADD
Chronic fatigue
Digestive disorders
Heart disease
Hormone Imbalances in Men and Women
Inflammatory Diseases such as Arthritis
Skin DisordersSymptoms of Toxicity Include:Allergy Symptoms, Chemical Sensitivities
Backaches, Aching or Swollen joints
Mood Changes
Weight GainAdvocates of detoxification therapies claim increased vitality, reduced blood pressure and blood fats, and improved assimilation of vitamins and minerals.DETOXIFICATIONThere is a great deal we can do to take control of our health and support our bodies. It all begins with understanding what kind of “burden” your body is under right now, today, and lessening it. Detoxification is an effective way to unload these burdens and is an essential – and often overlooked – aspect of total healthcare.Your liver and your gastrointestinal (GI) tract are the major organs responsible for Detox. The GI tract, or gut, is responsible for your digestion, absorption, elimination and immunity. It is also connected to your brain through neurotransmitters and receptors that are directly linked to your mood and your perception of well-being.Your liver handles hundreds of different functions and its health affects every single part of your body. A healthy liver deals with literally thousands of types of toxins every single day of your life, some from outside sources and others that are made in your body as you metabolize used tissues and materials such as hormones that have done their job.SEEK PURITY IN YOUR PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTSAre there hormone-disrupting chemicals in your lotions, potions and creams?
The growing list of synthetic ingredients manufacturers add to their products are turning the most innocent-looking shampoos and moisturizers into cocktails of toxins that some link to the vast increase in breast and testicular cancer, early puberty and low sperm counts in men over years of sustained use.Compared to the toxins found in our air, soil and waterways, cosmetics seem trivial, but many of the same poisons that pollute our environment, from dioxins to petrochemicals, can be found in the jars and bottles that line our bathroom shelves.Be aware, too, that some pharmaceutical drugs and over the counter supplements we ingest contain toxic fillers and preservatives and can impair liver function.LEARN WHAT TO EAT. Follow a Detox diet that substitutes lean, organic meats, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits in place of foods high in chemicals, artificial additives, transfats and sugar. A Naturopathic Doctor or a Registered Dietitian can help design a program specifically for you and your family.If your symptoms are extreme, you may need to follow a strict elimination diet that removes specific foods from your diet such as dairy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, yeast, shellfish, beef, pork, veal, soy products, citrus, strawberries or chocolate for a certain period of time and then re-introduces them.Know what’s in your food and what is not!IDENTIFY AND CORRECT NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES AND BALANCE HORMONES.With the help of a licensed natural health professional, such as a Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Doctor and/or Registered Dietitian, you can identify and correct your unique deficiencies and imbalances. This may include optimizing liver function, replacing stomach acids and digestive enzymes through nutraceutical grade supplementation and introducing beneficial bacteria and micro flora to your gut. A properly functioning liver and digestive tract helps your body to properly eliminate toxic waste.You can identify specific nutrient deficiencies through blood testing such as the Spectracell Laboratories Functional Intracellular Analysis (FIA).RELAX.Relieving tension and reducing stress, is an important component of any detoxification program. Yoga, meditation and other forms of exercise help.SUGGESTIONS TO GET STARTED1. Create healthy spaces for you and your family inside your homes and offices.2. Think “Green Cuisine”. Eat organic and local foods whenever possible. Reduce or eliminate consumption of processed foods.3. Increase your intake of filtered water.4. Buy safe personal care products.5. Get lots of sleep and relaxation.6. Learn where the toxins are. Read labels and learn what they mean. Do you microwave your food in plastic containers? Are you taking nutritional supplements or medications that contain toxic additives such as anti-freeze and vinyl?WHO CAN HELP?Enlisting the help of an experienced natural health practitioner that you can trust is recommended to develop and then monitor your Detox program.Naturopathic Doctors have always emphasized the interdependence of people and the environment, the value of prevention of disease, and have consistently warned against the dangers of environmental degradation on human health.The difference with other doctors is this: a Naturopath can help you feel much better and get rid of disease without drugs. How is this possible? The licensed Naturopathic Doctor receives more classroom hours in medical sciences and natural therapies and their application to patients than any other type of physician. By the time Naturopathic students get to the clinical training part of their curriculum, they know how to apply herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrients, physical manipulation, temperature modulation and detoxification for various disease conditions, They then still have two more years of clinical training to apply and refine those skills. The emphasis is on building health rather than on fighting disease.A Registered Dietitian can lead you in the direction of good foundational nutrition for you and your family.Acupuncture is effective in helping with Detox, particularly with addictions.A Medical Aesthetician is trained to design a customized skin care regimen that decreases toxins, is highly effective and reduces money wasted on the wrong products.Massage will also help the body eliminate toxins.I encourage you to learn how to take better care of yourself, your children and the ones you love. The benefits are definitely worth it! Call us to find out how you can simplify your health care now at 440-995-0303. Please also check out our website at

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